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Considering a Job Offer

Whether you're contemplating a part-time job as a student or preparing to enter the workforce as a graduate, employment is more than just about earning money.

Consider these tips and resources as you decide if this job is right for you.

  • If you are a student, ask yourself, "Should I work part-time during school?" Take careful inventory of how many class hours you are taking, how much time you need to put into homework, what financial aid you've received, and other factors such as your current daily schedule and necessary experience for potential graduate school/career plans.
  • Are you beginning your full-time career? Please click here for a list of new things to consider as you pursue a full-time job.
  • Did you ask your recruiter about employee benefits in your full-time job interview?  Don't forget to ask about things such as insurance plansretirement planning, and investing. Click here to learn how to successfully negotiate your benefits and your salary.
  • Visit the BYU Bridge to find recruiters looking for your degree and skill set.
  • Look for the right experience.  Remember to take jobs that will not only pay the bills but will give you the kind of experience you need to advance your career.  Visit BYU's University Career Services for more workshops, resources, and mentors so that you can receive the personalized help you need.

If you have further questions, please set an appointment with one of our trusted financial counselors to help you.