Education and Guidance

Students hand writing on the chalk board

The BYU Financial Fitness Center provides a wide variety of helpful services.


Services We Provide

Students are invited to schedule an individual consultation, to assess their current financial status and consider startegies to achieve their goals.

We also provide workshops upon request to address relevant topics, such as:  budgeting, credit rating, understanding employer benefits, taxes, and pre-marital financial planning.

We offer an individual budget analysis that can help a student see where they may need to adjust spending, to meet their needs and avoid excessive borrowing.

We also counsel students on debt management, and identify threshold borrowing limits based upon anticipated starting salaries to ensure students only borrow, when necessary, within reasonable repayment parameters.


Services We Do Not Provide

We do not provide the following services:

Investment guidance and advice, accounting or legal services, and/or professional tax preparation or analysis.

If you are in need of any of these services, please seek guidance and advice from a trained and licensed professional. 


Guidance vs. Advice

We can only provide guidance to students, and cannot provide advice for any specific financial concern.  Primarily, we help students to identify and clarify financial concerns, and consider any available course of action to address this concern.  After further evaluation, the student must accept responsibility for seeking additional advice, when needed, and making critical decisions that may influence their future financial well-being.