Paying for School
1. I have sources of non-debt financial assistance to pay for my tuition each semester (Pell Grant, scholarship, parental support, and/or personal savings).
2. My part-time income, combined with any summer earnings, is enough to pay for all of my regular living expenses each month (rent, food, transportation, and personal expenses).
3. I am enrolled in a full course load each semester and achieve passing grades in all of my classes.
Spending/Financial Management
4. I have written financial goals and know what I need to be doing on a daily basis to achieve them.
5. I have money in an emergency fund to help me pay for unexpected expenses.
6. I use and review a written budget (or app, computer program, etc) on a regular basis to guide my spending decisions.
7. I analyze my historical spending patterns to find ways I can improve my financial management.
8. I worry about money. I am distracted by financial concerns and feel stress over my finances.
9. I can usually find ways to reduce my expenses to avoid unnecessary borrowing.
10. If I currently have a student loan, I know my total outstanding balance and the required minimum monthly payment to meet this obligation after I graduate.
11. I have an outstanding student loan balance in the amount of (estimate, if necessary):
12. I pay my credit card balance in full each month to maintain a good credit score and avoid interest charges. (Select "Not Applicable" if you don't have a credit card).
13. I have ordered and reviewed a copy of my personal credit report from a major credit reporting bureau and know my credit score.
14. I know about recommended actions to protect myself from identity theft and actively take these precautions to ensure my personal information is not used fraudulently.
Career/Financial Planning
15. I have explored career options based upon my major course of study and know what I can reasonably expect to earn for my starting salary.
16. I have a basic understanding of employer benefits and how to evaluate benefits packages when accepting my first job offer after graduation.
Demographic Data
17. Gender
18. Marital Status
19. Class Standing