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Getting Married

Getting married is a wonderful part of your life with many exciting changes in the near future.

What Sources Can I Trust for Information?

Whether you're learning to adjust to a new budget or find insurance, it's hard to tell which sources of information will be the most useful and accurate. Here are some resources that you might find helpful:

  • Our financial plan.  Many couples wonder how to best combine and manage their finances.  The best thing is for you to choose the budgeting system that best suits your lifestyle.  Begin planning your finances together here.  
  • Building credit.  If you haven't begun to build credit, now is definitely the time to start.  Many of your big financial costs will be greatly impacted by your credit history, such as purchasing a house, getting a car, and even utility and insurance rates.  Click here to find out what you need to know about credit as a married student.
  • Insurance Information Institute. This website was created by insurance professionals to provide accurate information to consumers seeking honest insurance resources.  They are not sponsored by any insurance companies, so they do not have any interest in promoting any specific corporation.  They also provide many online brochures and articles to answer almost any question you could have about finding the right insurance for your situation.
  • Just Married Checklist.  This is a very helpful list of things all BYU newlyweds should take care of to ensure that their information is correct on the school records and assist them with financial aid, student health plans, and more.
  • Speak with a trusted professional.  Many couples, especially those outside of college, find it very useful to discuss their finances with a reliable Certified Financial Planner.  Although CFPs charge for their services, they can ultimately save you substantial amounts of money in the long run.  While you're a BYU student, you can skip out on those pesky service fees by visiting us in the Financial Fitness Center!  Click here to schedule an appointment with an experienced financial guidance counselor for free.