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Going to Grad School

Whether you're aiming for a master's, doctorate, or more, make sure you plan ahead carefully so your dream career can literally pay off!

Have you ever thought about how you're going to pay for all of your graduate school expenses? Here are some ideas that can help you save:

  • Create a detailed spending plan and stick with it. Here are some cool apps that can help.
  • Make sure you're saving on the little things, including groceries.  
  • Do your research on housing and its related expenses, including laundry costs. Save wherever you can, even if it means passing up an expensive apartment so that you can save for your dream home in the future.
  • Keep transportation costs down by using bicycles, public transit, carpooling, walking, etc. Click here for some transportation alternatives in the Provo area.
  • Be well-informed about insurance options and costs available to you, in particular health insurance and renter's insurance.
  • Stay healthy without breaking the bank. Clickhere for some ideas that can help.
  • Don't forget or underestimate your moving costs. Be sure to plan ahead and budget them in.
  • Time is money. Click here for some ideas that can help you save time to get more "bang for your buck" out of every second.
  • Keep track of your loans and how much longer you have left to pay them off using our specially designed loan calculator.

Going for the MBA?

If you are working towards your Master's in Business Administration, please check out the Pre-Management webpage here for more information.

Law School

If you are preparing for law school, please visit the Pre-Law webpage here for more information.

Cost of Living Calculator

You've probably seen that salaries for certain professions are higher in different cities across the country, but have you checked to make sure the salary hikes make up for any differences in living expenses in those areas? Use these calculators to help you make an informed decision for where you want to end up professionally.

CNN Money's Cost of Living Calculator

Bankrate's Cost of Living Comparison Calculator

NerdWallet's Cost of Living Calculator