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Home Repairs: DIY

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"Do It Yourself" Solutions Videos

Accident in the apartment? These DIY videos can help you complete simple repairs and other projects yourself without having to break the bank.

The following videos are to assist you with basic home repairs. (Disclaimer: These are simply helpful links to videos that others have posted on YouTube. We do not own these videos nor promote any specific repair expert or YouTube user.)

Kitchen sink clogged?

How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

Small holes in your walls?

How To Fix A Small Hole In Drywall Or Plaster With Putty (Spackling Compound)

Large holes in your walls?

How 2-For U: Drywall Repair - Patching a large hole in your wall.

Cabinet doors won't shut?

How to install magnetic catch to close cabinet doors

Chairs scratching floors?

How to Prevent Laminate Floor Damage From Furniture : Let's Talk Flooring

Holes in window screens?

Window screen replacement: do it yourself

Loose door hinges?

How To Repair Stripped Door Hinge Holes. Fix stripped wood screw holes.
How to Remove or Replace Interior Door Hinges

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