Investment Basics

Investment might not be feasible as a student, but you can hit the ground running when you finish school if you know where to start.


Key Points

  • Do plenty of research on how to invest and on the plans, companies, etc. you plan to invest in. 
  • 529 plans can be incredibly useful in helping your children pay for college.


Investment Basics

Investing is a crucial part of saving for the future; keeping a normal savings account likely won't suffice for everything you'll have to pay for in life.  Here is some information that can help you know when and where to start:


Intro to Investing

Are you ready to start investing?  Do you know where you should invest your savings?  Are you aware of how this will impact your family's life now and in the future?  Before you can fully answer any of these questions, you should conduct plenty of preliminary research and be judicious where you place your hard-earned money.  Please visit this article and read this pamphlet from the Securities and Exchange Commission to get started on your search.


529 Plans

Are you planning on helping your future children pay for their college?  Then you should discuss 529 plans with your spouse.  These are special savings accounts someone other than the future student opens to help the future student have funds for higher education.  Please visit this article by the Securities and Exchange Commission for more information.