Know Your Credit: Jared Autrey

man holding credit cards


Fall 2016 Speakers Series Presentation

Do you plan on buying a house someday?  Is a car purchase in your near future?  Then you should attend the Know Your Credit presentation by credit professional Jared Autrey!  Find out what exactly comprises your credit score, how it can impact you now and in the future, and how you can improve this score in the most efficient ways possible.

This event was held Thursday, September 22 at 11:00 am in WSC 3223.  If you missed this presentation, then check out one of our Building Credit Workshops as soon as possible

Jared Autrey has worked with credit unions for nearly 9 years, between the Las Vegas and Utah areas.  He is currently the Assistant Manager at Deseret First’s Provo Campus Branch.  He received an associate’s degree in Business Administration, and is now pursuing a degree in graphic design at Brigham Young University.  Jared has learned a lot working in the financial industry, and has seen how much the basics in financial education are a common need for many.  He hopes to be able to share that information in a more relatable way through graphic design.

Jared served an LDS mission in the majestic lands of Washington state and Oregon.  He likes to spend his free time with his beautiful wife Jessica and their four energetic kids.