Our Mission


Our Mission: to Help You!

The mission of the BYU Financial Fitness Center is to help each student to wisely assume responsibility for their own financial well-being.


How Does This Mission Apply to Me?

As a BYU student, you will carry on a rich tradition of uplifting those around you and making the world a better place.  We want you to be financially prepared to bless your family and those around you.  Everything we do at the FFC is focused on helping you get there.


Our Vision

The successful transition of our graduates into a world in which they are prepared to act.  

"Hence, BYU should nurture in its students the desire to use their knowledge and skills not only to enrich their own lives but also to bless their families, their communities, the Church, and the larger society."

-Brigham Young University, Mission and Aims


Our Values


We believe, as President Uchtdorf discussed, that we should be Grateful in Any Circumstances.