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Recreation / Entertainment

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Key Points

  • Fun doesn't have to be expensive.
  • There are many resources and activities available to you that won't exhaust your bank account and still match your personal tastes.

Recreation and Entertainment

Are you bored but don't have the funds to go out tonight? Or are you sick of binge watching Netflix on the weekends? Believe it or not, there are many fun activities just waiting for you on campus and in the Provo/ Orem area. Here are some great ideas that won't push you over budget:

All-Sports ROC Pass

Are you a huge fan of football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and every sport under the sun? Even if you're a fan of just one or two of those sports and want to attend the exciting BYU home games, you'll find that the ROC pass will save you lots of money you would have spent on individual tickets.

BYU Arts

Are you the kind of person who could break into song and dance at practically any moment (especially in your own apartment)? Do you doodle all over your lecture notes and thrive when you explore an art display? BYU is host to many professional musicians and dancers, as well as talented student performers in all of the fine arts. Visit to peruse the current world-renowned concert and theater series, and visit to stay informed about BYU's breathtaking art display schedule. Many concerts and art displays are free or inexpensive, and you can even purchase season tickets to save money on multiple professional concerts.


Do you love sports? Do you like to play ball or run track? Whatever your sporting obsession, BYU has something for you. For those who want to play on a team without the stress of being on an official BYU team, visit the intramural sports web page and register for this upcoming semester. If you prefer to fly solo in the pool, join a workout class, or reserve a court for you and some friends, visit the RB Information web page and discover the sports resources that are available to you as a BYU student.

Music and Dance

Are you looking for dinner and a show? Do you want to dance the night away? Then BYU has a lot to offer you! Whether you're at the Wall, a great concert, or a dance performance, you're sure to have a wonderful time. Want to show off your musical talents or learn to dance? Visit to find a club that meets your needs, or join a university orchestra or band to have fun during the week, too. Huge bonus: most of these events and activities are absolutely free or heavily discounted for students!

Looking for an adventure?

Are you looking for fun things to do on or near campus? From hiking the Y to seeing a planetarium show, there's always something fun to do as a BYU student. Whether you're bowling, playing a board game, or seeing a dollar movie in the Varsity Theater, most campus activities are free or extremely low-cost for students. Click here for a quick list of things to do on or around BYU. For further ideas and details on current campus events, visit or and find something exciting for any day of the week!

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