Returning to School (Non-Traditional Student)

Are you a non-traditional student? Your unique situation can present you with different struggles, but there are some resources dedicated to providing you with great opportunities.  Here are some you might find useful:



The BYU Non-Traditional Student Association provides great services for non-traditional students of all backgrounds and in all circumstances.  You can visit their website and explore their Facebook page for more information. 


Career and Academic Services Assessment

BYU's Career Services offers career assessment tests so you can know how to best use your degree.  Click here for more information on these assessments and any of their related workshops.


OneStop Resources

BYU Onestop has a helpful list of many resources and steps you can take as a nontraditional student to enhance your experience here at BYU.  Click here to learn more.


Non-Traditional Student Scholarship - WRS

As a non-traditional student, you can qualify for some scholarships created especially for you.  Click here to learn more about this scholarship and other various scholarships offered around and off campus.