We are here to help you with your financial planning, including seeking out scholarships. Check out this list to get started.


The Value of Scholarships

In the October 2015 General Conference, Elder Robert D. Hales counseled, "Many young adults in the world are going into debt to get an education, only to find the cost of school is greater than they can repay. Seek out scholarships and grants. Obtain part-time employment, if possible, to help pay your own way. This will require some sacrifice, but it will help you succeed." 

We are here to help you with your financial planning, including seeking out scholarships. Beyond BYU's general academic scholarships, most campus departments offer scholarships specifically for their students. Check out the list below, and remember to be aware of deadlines, talk to your advisement center, and research off-campus scholarships.

BYU Academic, Private, and Need-Based Scholarships

For continuing students, students must apply by March 1, 2017 to be considered for academic, private, and need-based scholarships for the 2017-2018 school year.  For former students, freshmen, and transfer students, the deadline is February 1, 2017.  Apply here.

College and Other Department Scholarships

In addition to applying for BYU academic scholarships, don't forget to see what is offered by your specific college and/or department on campus. 

Business, Marriott School of Management

Education, David O. McKay School of

Engineering and Technology, Ira A.Fulton College of

Family, Home and Social Sciences

Fine Arts and Communications


International Studies, David M. Kennedy Center for

Law School, the Clark Scholarship, also see Utah Minority Bar Association

Life Sciences

Multicultural Student Services


Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Religious Education


High School Seniors

High school students in Utah have a great opportunity to earn scholarships by taking certain courses to prepare for college. The Regents' Scholarship, offered by the Utah System of Higher Education, offers three different scholarship awards for qualifying high school seniors. The program guide and other information can be found here.

Graduate Student Scholarships

You can contact your individual advisement center to find available scholarships for your program. 

FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) Scholarship

Do you speak a foreign language? Are you planning a career requiring language skills? You may be eligible for language study scholarships! 

FLAS scholarships  provide tuition and stipend money to add language classes to your BYU curriculum. Nearly 50 BYU students per year are awarded FLAS scholarships! Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible. Find out more here.

Critical Language Scholarships (CLS) pay all expenses for group summer language immersion programs run by the US Dept of State. Students travel to foreign countries for these language and cultural experiences. CLS will boost your fluency as well as your resume! 

Boren Scholarships allow top students to plan their own language study or internship in a foreign country during the academic year. Students applying for this scholarship must be studying some aspect of national security and preparing for a career in government service. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. Boren scholars become part of a powerful network essential to finding top government jobs. 

Gilman Scholarships were created to assist undergraduate students with financial challenges to fund international internships or study abroad experiences. To be eligible, the student must be receiving a PELL grant at the time they apply. Gilman scholarships can be used for summer programs as well as fall and winter semesters. 

Multicultural Student Scholarships

The BYU Management Society Hispanic Chapter is pleased to announce that it will offer scholarships to Hispanic students pursuing an undergraduate business degree at Brigham Young University or Utah Valley University during the school year. Click here for more information.

Multicultural Student Services's website also lists off-campus scholarships for qualifying students. 

Nontraditional and Single Parent Scholarships

BYU's Women’s Services and Resources has scholarships available to ease the burden many face when trying to balance work, school, child care, and paying the bills. Find the application and more information here.

Single parent students are also encouraged to apply for BYU's general academic, private, and need-based scholarships. Whether you want to apply for one, two, or all three of these types of scholarships, students need to apply using the same scholarship application in order to be considered for a single parent scholarship. Therefore, you are considered for all scholarships you qualify for from the same application. You can apply here

Scholarships for Students with Physical, Intellectual, or Emotional Disabilities

Opportunities for these scholarships are available through the University Accessibility Center. Applicants must be registered through the University Accessibility Center to qualify.

Another source of financial aid is available for hearing-impaired, visually-impaired, neurological disability, mental or emotional conditions, physical disability, burn injuries, cancer fighter or survivor, autism or Asperger diagnosis, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, immune deficiency, and others. To discuss opportunities and qualifications, email

Prestigious Scholarships

Please visit the National Scholarships, Fellowships, and Programs page to learn more.

Off-Campus Scholarships

Click here for a great list of off-campus scholarships with many ranges of qualifications.  There's something for everyone here!


Federal Pell Grant: Generally awarded only to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor's or a graduate degree and show financial need by completing the FAFSA. Learn more here. 

MEG Grant: The Office of Research & Creative Activities sponsors annual Mentoring Environment Grants (MEG) to facilitate undergraduate work with faculty on research, field studies, or creative projects. Each grant is worth up to $20,000. Learn more here

ORCA Grant: BYU's Office of Research & Creative Activities (ORCA) offers $1,500 grants to help undergraduate students work with faculty in a one-on-one mentoring setting. Students may use an ORCA Grant for anything they wish! Learn more here.

Scholarship Search Engines

Find more scholarships by checking out one or all of these scholarship search engines