Looking for a quick and easy way to calculate your monthly costs?  Then this budget calculator is perfect for you!

Avoid Debt

Are you thinking about taking out a student loan to pay for school? Use this calculator to see the impact the loan can have on your future budget.

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In the October 2015 General Conference, Elder Robert D. Hales counseled, "Many young adults in the world are going into debt to get an education, only to find the cost of school is greater than they can repay. Seek out scholarships and grants. Obtain...


Are you always on the go and looking for ways to save money?  We've found some great money mangement and saving apps that you'll just love:

Tax Help

Taxes. For a word with only five letters, it sure can be intimidating. Filing taxes is an unfamiliar procedure for many college students. Deductibles? Itemization? 1040?

Lets take a step back and simplify things.


Check out the calculators below to help guide your financial decisions and planning. Here are some calculators we've found useful: 

Federal Aid

If you are struggling to pay for school, you should look into the possibility of receiving Federal Financial Aid. Although not every student qualifies, it is worth it to see if you do. To learn more about your possible eligibility and how you can apply...


This can be a daunting task!  Your career determines much of where you live, how you live, and the kind of life your spouse and children lead.  Be judicious in determining your major and future career, and do all the research you can to...

Personal Finance

Personal finance courses are a great way to increase your financial literacy, and they are completely relevant to your life now and in the future.  BYU offers several personal finance courses taught by experienced professors to help you learn how...


By Paul Conrad

This article was originally published in the BYU Parent Newsletter on October 1, 2014 (here) and has relevant information pertaining to parents helping their college children financially and responsibly.

Id Theft

Did you know that identity thieves commonly use important documents just thrown away to access others' bank accounts?  There is a simple solution to this problem: shred all of your papers containing personal information.  Tearing up...

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When you're looking for insurance, it's hard to tell which sources of information will be the most helpful and accurate.  The Insurance Information Institute is one of the most useful sites to research insurance jargon, policies,...


Looking for more information? Here is a list of other websites we've found helpful in the financial management process:


Investing is a crucial part of saving for the future; keeping a normal savings account likely won't suffice for everything you'll have to pay for in life.  Here is some information that can help you know when and where to start:

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If there are any financial terms used on this website that you don't understand, you can probably find them in this glossary below: 

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For Love & Money, Bernard E. Poduska

The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D., William D. Danko, Ph.d.

Employee Benefits

When you receive a job offer, make sure you ask about employee benefits.  Employee benefits are just what they sound like: extra perks on top of salary for simply being an employee.