According to the National Association of College Stores, with an average of four years to complete college, the cost of purchasing textbooks ads up to $2,600, but books are one of the easiest ways to cut college costs because there are numerous...


Grocery stores can be a money trap, but they don't need to be. If you plan ahead and follow a few strategic tips, you can save more and still have enough to fill your cupboard (and your 20 square inch section of the fridge).


How much should I expect to pay?
Keep in mind that the right place doesnt have to mean the most expensive.It takes persistence to find something that meets your needs and budget.  Average rent in Provo varies, but is generally somewhere...

Rec 1

Are you bored but don't have the funds to go out tonight? Or are you sick of binge watching Netflix on the weekends? Believe it or not, there are many fun activities just waiting for you on campus and in the Provo/ Orem area.  Here are some great...

Dress for success

Those first impressions at a job interview or other professional activity are priceless; however, "dressing for success" can often be a costly endeavor.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you create your professional wardrobe on a budget:


If you don't already own a car, finding alternative transportation can seem costly and time-consuming.  However, there are bound to be occasions in the semester for which you can't just walk or use your bicycle.  Here are some ideas for...


Dating plays a key part in the lives of many college students. Sometimes students think that they can't afford to go on many dates, but there are hundreds of cheap or free activities in the area to suit interests of all kinds. From visiting...


Health insurance is an extremely important investment for you in every stage of your life, whether or not you get sick often.  There are several reasons as to why you need health insurance NOW:


It is possible keep yourself AND your wallet healthy and full!  It is important to do both of those things, especially in college.  As you use this time to prepare for the future, you need nutrients to keep your mind clear to optimize...

Travel Image

Traveling is perhaps one of the most rewarding yet costly learning experiences for students.  We can help you find ideas to lower your trip expenses.  Follow the links below for smart spending suggestions as you prepare to explore the world...


You've found that special someone, and you've even had the courage to bring up the "m" word with them: marriage.  But before you pop the question or accept a proposal, make sure you're aware of the various expenses that accompany engagement,...


Whether you're changing houses or changing states, moving poses certain financial costs that you may or may not have anticipated.  Here's what you can do to prepare in advance:

DIY Home Repairs

Accident in the apartment?  These DIY videos can help you complete simple repairs and other projects yourself without having to break the bank.  


Let's be honest: gift-giving can be difficult!  To begin, it's often hard to understand exactly what gift your loved one wants or needs, to find the right gift that fits that bill, and then to actually get the gift to the intended recipient ...


When you think about the combined costs of health insurance, using proper exercise equipment, and eating healthily, a healthy lifestyle can seem quite expensive.  However, there are many ways to stay healthy on a small student budget.  


Car trouble?  These DIY videos can help you complete simple repairs and other projects yourself without having to break the bank.  


If you are going to be living in an apartment or paying rent anywhere, get renter's insurance.  


Have you considered the impact your schedule has on your budget?  Your time is invaluable in this world where speed and punctuality are priceless.  Here are some time-saving-money-saving tips to help you now and in the long run:


Due for a bike tune-up?  These DIY videos can help you complete simple repairs and other projects yourself without having to break the bank.  


Laptops and other electronics are becoming increasingly important for academic success, but often they're so expensive! Here's what you need to know to get started on your own research: