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Smart Travel

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Key Points

  • Set a budget for your travel plans.
  • Look for discounts, pack light, and use the resources below to save money on your trip.

Traveling the World? Study Abroad? International Internship?

Traveling is perhaps one of the most rewarding yet costly learning experiences for students. We can help you find ideas to lower your trip expenses. Follow the links below for smart spending suggestions as you prepare to explore the world.

Traveling on a Budget

OK, let's be honest: the worst part of this fantastic travel adventure you're planning is watching your bank account eat itself alive. Avoid financial mistakes by setting up a budget for your trip, carefully planning for all anticipated expensed and adding a little extra "just in case." For great tips on how to travel on a budget (and how to make your trip more fun in general), click here.

General Money Savers

Looking for a quick reference list? From hotels to flights and cruises to general discounts, this link from has all the basic money-saving travel tips you need to get started.

Mistake Prevention

Each excursion is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so why miss out on extra comforts and conveniences? Here are some affordable travel luxuries you might not have known were always at your fingertips (article by CN Traveler).

Smart Packing

Can't seem to make it all fit? Not sure how to get your carry-on just right? Check out these easy pro-packing tips from Travel and Leisure.


Are you a regular at your hometown airport, or are you a first-time flyer? has a few simple tips for people of all flight experiences to keep your travel experience as affordable and enjoyable as possible.

Headed to Europe?

Are you planning on a study abroad, internship, or personal vacation in Europe? This list of resources from Rick Steves' Europe is for you.

Road Trip?

Want to keep both feet firmly on the ground but avoid the hassle of the stereotypicial road trip? Here are some steps from BankRate that you can take to keep your driving expedition affordable and pleasant.

Need a ride somewhere and want to cut costs by carpooling? Visit to coordinate with others.

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