Student Advisory Board

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Meet Our Student Advisory Board

Our Student Advisory Board is comprised of student volunteers who are enthusiastic to help promote the BYU Financial Fitness Center.

Dallin Hatch is a sophomore from Lindon, UT majoring in Psychology. He is passionate about self reliance and individual development. He believes that BYU has incredibly valuable resources tailored to our needs that may not be used to their full potential. He is excited to get involved with the Student Advisory Board and help increase student awareness and patronage of the resources provided here. Dallin also enjoys horseback riding and backyard football.

Chelsea Higgins is a sophomore from America majoring in Chemical Engineering.  Even as a child she was saving for college. She got a job as soon as she could and applied for as many scholarships as possible. She currently works in order to cover impending costs and expects to graduate debt-free.  She joined the FFC Student Advisory Board because she loves helping people become independent.  She also enjoys hiking and reading.

Nathanael Sullivan is a senior from Camarillo, CA majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in strategy.  He joined the FFC Student Advisory Board because he wants to help people help themselves.  He likes learning, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Jaeci Whetten is a junior from Flagstaff, AZ in the Pre-Accounting program with an emphasis in Personal Finance.  When she was a freshman, the Financial Fitness Center helped her stay in school by helping her figure things out as much as she could financially and also trust that everything would work out.  Now that she is a pre-professional Personal Financial Planner, she wants to help the FFC continue to reach its goals in helping BYU students develop and maintain a healthy individual financial plan.  She also enjoys reading and hiking.

Tyson Williamson is a junior from Mission Viejo, CA majoring in Finance.  He joined the Financial Fitness Center Student Advisory Board because he loves finance and wants to help students learn more.  He also enjoys playing guitar and working out in his spare time.

Fifi Young is a junior from Corona, CA majoring in Finance.  She joined the FFC Student Advisory Board to be able to guide and assist students with their financial planning.  She also enjoys playing piano and dancing.  

Nick Anderson is a senior from Portland, Oregon majoring in Family Studies.  He has served in the Financial Fitness Center as a student intern focusing on financial training and development for the Center.  He enjoys serving on the FFC Student Advisory Board because he loves financial planning and training and helping others create budgets.  Nick likes distance running and traveling in his spare time.