Transportation Alternatives

Female student sitting at a bus stop
By using these simple transportation alternatives, you could save a lot more money than you realize.


Key Points

  • There are many inexpensive transportation alternatives available to BYU students besides simply walking or biking.
  • Evaluate your situation and select the form of transportation that best suits your needs.


Transportation Alternatives

If you don't already own a car, finding alternative transportation can seem costly and time-consuming.  However, there are bound to be occasions in the semester for which you can't just walk or use your bicycle.  Here are some ideas for further transportation alternatives available to you here at BYU:


Cost to Own

By using these simple transportation alternatives, you could be saving a lot more money than you realize.  Owning a vehicle costs much more than its original cost, any interest on a car loan, gas prices, etc.  Calculate the true cost to own a certain vehicle and find out how much you're really saving by using these transportation alternatives here.


BYU Zimride

Whether you're commuting to school, traveling out of town, or going home for semester break, you can carpool with fellow BYU students, sharing the cost of gas.  Whether you're posting a ride or joining one, you can also familiarize yourself with the profiles of the students involved in the carpool so you're not riding with strangers.  Click here to learn more about Zimride and find great deals for all your carpool needs!


The Ryde

BYU offers a campus shuttle service known as "The Ryde."  The Ryde reaches many locations and apartment complexes surrounding the university and arrives right in the middle of campus.  Huge bonus: it's completely free to students! Click here to check out the Ryde's routes and schedules.


UTA Student Bus Pass

Live too far from campus to make it to the Ryde every morning?  The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) bus system offers discounted passes to university students; it even offers semester deals at the beginning of each new semester.  Click here to check out their current routes and schedules.


BYU Car Share

If you're looking for another inexpensive way to get moving independently, BYU Car Share may interest you.  This program goes through Enterprise to provide rental cars to students at low hourly rates.  Click here for more information.